Floradix Calcium Magnesium with Zinc and Vitamin D 500ml Oral Liquid

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Floradix Calcium Magnesium liquid 500ml

Floradix Calcium Magnesium liquid is ideal for anyone who needs to supplement more calcium into their daily diet. Floradix Calcium Magnesium liquid is the perfect choice for those who do not wish to take tablets or capsules or who simply find liquid vitamins more effective.

Floradix Calcium Magnesium Liquid Mineral Supplement with added Vitamin D and Zinc citrate is scientifically formulated for maximum absorption. Prepared in a base of herbal extracts with natural tropical fruit concentrates to ensure the correct stomach acidity.*

Floradix Calcium Magnesium with Zinc & Vitamin D

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size (tbsp) 2Servings Per 17Calories 60Total Fat (g) 0Total Carbs (g) 15Sugars (g) 15VItamin D (IU) 200Calcium elemental (mg) 155Magnesium elemental (mg) 186Zinc (mg) 3.5

Suggested Use
For prolonged use as dietary supplement, take 2 tablespoons (about 30 ml) daily preferably in the morning. May be diluted with water.

Ingredient Details
Aqueous extract from: hibiscus, camomile, fennel, spinach; fructose, mango juice, orange juice, natural flavor, locust seed flour

Shake bottle gently before use! As our products contain neither alcohol nor preservatives, the bottle should be returned to the refrigerator after use. Do not drink directly from the bottle! After opening, REFRIGERATE and use within 4 weeks.

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