Herbs Of Gold Pregnancy Plus 1-2-3 60t

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At Happy Healthy Women we recommend Pregnancy Plus 1-2-3 for your pre-conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding multi-vitamin.  Maternal and paternal health prior to conception has been found to significantly impact the health of the baby.  Maternal health prior to conception has been found to impact the health of the mother during pregnancy and post-partum.  It is strongly advised that women who are considering pregnancy should begin a pregnancy multivitamin at least one month prior to conception.

Optimal health prior to conception helps to ensure a healthy mum and baby. Once the baby is born the toll on Mum’s body does not end. Not only does Mum need to recover from birth, many mothers will also breastfeed their baby. This is a wonderful bonding and health boosting experience, but let’s not forget it is also taxing Mum of many nutrients to provide for her growing baby. This is where Pregnancy Plus 1-2-3 helps women nourish their body from pre-conception through to the completion of breast feeding.


Unlike some other popular pregnancy multi vitamins, Pregnancy Plus 1-2-3 contains both folinic acid and folic acid. Unlike folic acid, folinic acid is found naturally in food and it may be a more easily absorbed version of folate for some people. Ideally, it should be taken at least one month prior to conception to help your body reach optimal levels of folate, which may help to reduce the risk of *birth defects effecting the brain or spinal cord such as spina bifida and anencephaly.

Pregnancy 1-2-3 also contains iron which helps to provide for increased iron requirements during pregnancy. If you experience low iron levels during pregnancy or post birth an additional iron supplement would be required. Another important ingredient this multi contains is zinc.  Zinc plays an important role in growth and development, it is also important for DNA replication and cell division. A deficiency of zinc is common in pregnant and lactating women.

*Please note: If you have a history of children with such birth defects or if there is a family history, you may need additional folate, please discuss this with your health care practitioner.

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