Hivita Energy (Daily B) 60t

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Hivita Energy Daily B 60 Tablets

High potency, energy-boosting B complex with powerful antioxidant support

  • Helps maintain vitality and stamina throughout the day
  • Supports energy production and the body’s response to stress
  • Assist in maintaining the healthy functioning of the nervous system
  • Inositol and B6 – which are involved in the production and action of neurotransmitter serotonin
  • Pomegranate, Vitamin C and CoQ10 for strong antioxidant support
  • Magnesium – which may assist in general well-being
  • Vitamin C – for the synthesis of collagen

It is also a source of:

  • Zinc – which is involved in biochemical processes including the metabolism of protein and carbohydrate metabolism
  • Folic Acid – to assist in maintaining healthy blood
  • Vitamin C – for the synthesis of collagen
  • Inositol and B6 – which are involved in the production and action of neurotransmitter serotonin
  • Magnesium – which may assist in general well-being

Who May Benefit From HIVITA DAILY B

  • Individuals experiencing energy drain from daily stress, high energy-demanding occupations, sensitive nervous systems, fatigue.
  • Those deficient in vitamin B e.g. Vitamin B1, B12 deficiency and loss of balance, tremor, cracked corners of mouth.
  • Those with difficulty maintaining morning energy levels, early afternoon energy slump.
  • Individuals with arterial insufficiency (Folic, B6 and B12 are known to assist in lowering homocysteine level)
  • Individuals suffering from mental and physical tension due to stress
  • Those with liver detoxification problems needing support of B Vitamins. e.g. due to caffeine
  • Those going through changes that occur with aging – loss of skin elasticity, poor memory, slow energy recovery after exercise. (Antioxidants scavenge free radicals which can help slow down ageing process while B complex vitamins are essential for the conversion of food to energy in the body, and can assist with maintaining vitality and stamina)

Dosage and directions for use
Adults: Take 1 tablet daily with food or as directed by your healthcare professional.
Always read the label. Use strictly as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional. Vitamins can only be of assistance if dietary vitamin intake is inadequate. Vitamin supplements should not replace a balanced diet.

Ideally taken on rising with food – sometimes high dose nicotinamide can cause nausea when taken on an empty stomach. Avoid taking Daily B in the evenings, as it may interfere with sleep due to central nervous system stimulation effect. Avoid taking caffeine with this preparation due to additive stimulation effect.

Do not take while on warfarin therapy without medical advice.

Store below 30°C in a dry place away from sunlight.
Do not use if cap seal is broken.

Active Ingredients
Active Ingredients per tablet
Vitamin B1-B12
(B1) – Thiamine hydrochloride ( Thiamine 150mg) 168.20mg
(B2) – Riboflavin 25mg
(B3) – as Nicotinamide 150mg
(B5) – Calcium pantothenate (equiv. to Pantothenic acid 150mg) 163.74mg
(B6) – Pyridoxine hydrochloride (equiv. to Pyridoxine 50mg) 60.77mg
(B7) – Biotin 50mcg
(B9) – Folic acid 400mcg
(B12) – Cyanocobalamin 75mcg
Vitamin B cofactors
Choline Bitartrate 50mg
Inositol 50mg
Vitamin C
Ascorbic acid 250mg
Magnesium amino acid chelate (equiv. to Magnesium 80mg) 400mg
Zinc amino acid chelate (equiv. to Zinc 6mg) 30mg
Herbal Antioxidant-Punica granatum seed aril juice dry(Pomegranate) (equiv. to Punica granatum seed aril fresh 1000mg) 1.0g
Coenzyme Antioxidant(Coenzyme Q10) – Ubidecarenone 10mg

Free from dairy, lactose, yeast, wheat, gluten, egg, fish, preservatives, artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners.

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