NutraLife Bilberry 10,000 Plus 30t

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Bilberry 10,000 plus Lutein Complex is a plant-based antioxidant combination providing the important nutrient lutein, plus vitamins, minerals and amino acids and is formulated to assist visual function, help relieve eyestrain and tired eyes.

  • High strength antioxidant formula specifically for healthy eyes
  • Contains key eye ingredients including BilberryLutein and Eyebright
  • Helpful for visual fatigue, eye strain, night vision, sensitive to glare and fine detail work
  • Aging eyes
  • Macular problems
  • Eye strain
  • Tired eyes
  • Fine detail work

Bilberry has a traditional use in eye problems, including poor vision, and ‘night blindness’ (the inability to differentiate between objects and colours in poor light). Night blindness, which is related to the absence of visual purple (rhodopsin), is materially improved by the powerful phytochemical antioxidant compounds such as proanthocyanidins and other polyphenolicbioflavonoids.

The role of Bilberry has been extensively researched and its benefits are reported extensively in the European medical press. Bilberry’s effectiveness is due to the presence of anthocyanosides, a group of polyphenolic compounds with strong antioxidant properties. They have a positive effect on the production of visual purple and prevention of free radical damage to the sensitive tissues of the eye.

Lutein is an powerful carotenoid antioxidant needed for normal vision. It supports the health of the macula, a small and highly sensitive part of the retina of the eye.

Eyebright is an astringent herb which helps to relieve inflamed eyes and eye strain.It assists with visual function and can be used topically for its astringent properties, similar to witch-hazel.

Rosemary has powerful antioxidant properties and aids in the maintenance or improvement of general wellbeing. Rosemary is reputed to be beneficial in nervous tension, tension headaches and migraines.1 It has an historical reputation in helping improve memory; “That’s Rosemary, that’s for remembrance (Hamlet – Shakespeare).

Chromium is an essential trace mineral. Its only known activity in the body is as part of the Glucose Tolerance Factor, which stimulates insulin activities and is involved in the metabolism of glucose and the synthesis of protein, both critical factors in maintaining healthy eyes.

Very high concentrations of Zinc in the human body are found in the eye, especially the iris and retina. Although the exact mechanisms of its functions are largely unknown, Zinc seems to be involved in the activation of Vitamin A, and thus is a factor in night vision. In addition there is a growing body of evidence which indicates that poor Zinc intake is related to such eye conditions as impaired colour discrimination, cataract formation, and optic neuritis, the inflammation of the optic nerve.1

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) is also essential for healthy eyes. Found in the pigment of the retina, it enables the eyes to adapt to light. B2 deficiency may manifest itself as photophobia, (excessive sensitivity to light resulting in watery, inflamed and bloodshot eyes), blurred vision and eyestrain.

B3 is a co-enzyme in several important biochemical functions, particularly those needed to maintain healthy skin, and a properly functioning gastrointestinal tract and nervous system.

Dosage: Adults: Take one tablet daily with food, or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Cautions: Alway read the label. Use strictly as directed. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional.

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